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Brewhouse Portsmouth - It's like sunbeams and rainbows

If you're ever looking for a place with great ales, lively atmosphere and friendly staff then look no further.

Unfortunately positioned in probably one of the worse student areas in Portsmouth the White Swan holds it's own by providing self brewed beers crafted in house.

Don't let the street put your off though, the pubs clientele are certainly not of the rowdy, drunk student variety, probably put off by the absence of cheap watered down lager and the hoppy flavour of the draught beers.

The food is fairly standard for a gastro pub however the quality is great. As a nice touch the menu recommends a beer to compliment your meal.

The staff are brilliant and you can often find the head brewer at the bar.

The beers on tap change frequently, affording a chance to taste a selection of different flavours from simple IPA's to smooth Stouts through fruity numbers.

I'd definitely recommend a visit to the brewhouse, whether it's just for a quiet drink or whether it's for a evening out with friends.

As an added bonus the brewhouse offers the opportunity for people to experience the brewing process and take part in brewing evening.

More information and directions can be found on the brewhouse website.