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Gearman 0.34 make fails with homebrew on OSX 10.8

When attempting to install/upgrade to, at time of writing, the current Gearman version with homebrew you will encounter this error:

libgearman-server/plugins/queue/mysql/queue.cc:49:10: fatal error: 'mysql/mysql.h' file not found  
#include <mysql/mysql.h>

Thanks to this bug report: 13392 it appears to be caused by missing headers. Further investigation shows that the Gearman make expects the headers to be in "/usr/local/include/mysql/" however the headers are install by homebrew into "/usr/local/include".

The bug report above (13392) suggests disabling MySQL support much like mac ports has, but what if you want MySQL support or don't want to hack around this issue?

$ cd /usr/local/lib/mysql
$ ln -s ../mysql.h 
$ ln -s ../mysql_com.h 
$ ln -s ../mysql_embed.h 
$ ln -s ../mysql_time.h 
$ ln -s ../mysql_version.h 
$ ln -s ../mysqld_ername.h 
$ ln -s ../mysqld_error.h

You will now be able to install/upgrade Gearman with no issues.