Software development is the procedure of designing, specifying, implementing, testing, documentation, and bug-fixing involved in developing and maintaining software, frameworks, or other software products. The software development process involves a number of activities including software design; software configuration and testing; source code creation and maintenance; testing; and interaction with clients and other software developers. Software products developed by companies are generally used for specific business purposes, but can also be used for general computer applications and for supporting human activities.

Software development is divided into two broad categories: systems development and application development. Systems development deals with the implementation of software systems. Most software systems are complex and require a high degree of expertise, skill, time, and financial investment. These require considerable attention to detail, lengthy programming processes, and modifications to business procedures after they are initially designed.

Application development entails designing and building prototypes and test programs. This requires less technical skill but a higher degree of attention to detail. There are also no immediate deadlines with application development. The emphasis is on meeting the needs of the customer before completing the project. Software developer jobs require a combination of systems development and application development skills.

Computer science is another major focus of the software development career. Computers are an integral part of business organizations today. All computer-related activities such as software design, database management, networking, and software testing are required. Computer science majors usually focus on information technology (computer science) or networking (information technology). Some computer science majors may opt to specialize in a particular area of computer science such as artificial intelligence, digital signal processing, computer architecture, numerical analysis, real-world programming, security, software modeling, or user interface.

The most up-to-date forms of software development utilize the use of cloud computing. Applications written for the web can be accessed from any location, whereas desktop applications are limited to a user’s local computer. A large number of software development companies provide desktop application solutions for corporate clientele.

Web and graphic design are also important aspects of software development. Graphic design uses images to communicate information and is used by marketing, advertising, web development, branding, and other interactive media. Web content and interactivity are vital components of graphic design. Web software development teams are responsible for creating, maintaining, and advancing websites for businesses and individuals. Information technology (IT) software development teams create software to carry out complicated procedures or to resolve problems involving networks, servers, software applications, email, intranet, and other technologies that support electronic data storage. In addition to creating information technology systems, these groups also create custom software development solutions.

Software developers need to take continuing education courses so they can remain current with emerging software development methods. These programs help professionals keep abreast of industry developments and new technologies. As the software development industry develops and changes, it is important for developers to be knowledgeable about emerging management, software, and product trends. Continuing education courses to help professionals identify and meet the needs of their clients. In addition to learning about software development methods and technology trends, developers also need to meet State regulations and meet other State requirements.

Developers who have obtained a college degree in computer science and business may be well on their way to securing high salaries and job stability in the software development industry. Many software development companies seek candidates with a college degree in business, information technology, and computer science. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree may have an advantage when applying to work at a software development company because many companies prefer candidates with these degrees. Developers with a master’s degree in computer science or a related field may have a better chance of obtaining higher salaries and greater job stability. Computer science and business skills are in great demand, which means developers with these skills will likely find work sooner and have a higher chance of advancing in the software development industry.