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Jux Mobile CSS

I know a mobile version is on the cards for Jux "soon", however one thing thaty's been bugging me is the lack of simple usability for mobile users.

Knowing that a lot of my fellow web users actually read twitter there blogs on a mobile device, being unable to use the blog at all wasn't really acceptable.

Basically i've been playing with CSS media queries, the code isn't pretty but it does the job. There are a few things missing, but if a true mobile version of Jux continues to be absent I will add these as I get time.

You can see the code here: github.com/haswalt/JuxMobile and the CSS is in action on this blog.

Try loading my homepage on an iPhone.

Contact me on twitter if you have any questions or suggestions.

* UPDATE * This is now obsolete since jux works on a mobile device (as long as you're on a fast connection...)