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Record iOS device screens

As part of user testing it's really handy to revird the actual device screen to capture those teicky to replicate bugs ("features"). If you have a browse around the internet you'll infortunately be pointed towards buying a new cable (£40 from apple) and some software, usually around £180. You need neither of these!

A very handy bit of software that I use all he time is AirServer, super handy if you want to stream video or audio from your device to your laptop but also AirServer now has a record feature allowing you to record video of any device screen you mirror.

It's really simple to record your device:

  1. Open AirServer
  2. Select AirPlay on your iOS device and connect to you AirServer host (select "Mirroring")
  3. Click yes to allow audio
  4. At the bottom of the new window showing you device on your laptop / pc you will see a grey bar, on this bar is a record button (sometimes partially off screen to the left). Click this to start recording
  5. Do things on your device
  6. Click the record button again and you will be shown the save dialog

Update AirServer now fully supports PC and Miracast enabling you to now record Windows mobile devices too!