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On WWDC | Apple

WWDC 2014 - Keynote

After 3 hours, 1 muffin, 1 large americano (no milk) and 2 fortune cookies I'm finally inside. Welcome to WWDC 2014.

I'm going to try and blog some of what's going on this week; I can't, however, promis that the content will be briliant and there is unlikely to be many pictures if any at all.

Watch this space for updates as the day goes on, especially the next few hours as I try to keep you informed about some of the more interesting topics in this mornings keynote.

09:39 AM

Welcome to the keynote room. Finally made it into the main room, not a too shabby position either considering the mad rush of nerds desperate to be as close to the front as possible.

10:09 AM

Starting with OSX and the Mac. Some talk about numbers and growth. Continuing with some well received windows bashing!

10:11 AM

Lets talk about OSX, new name for OSX... getting the humour right this year.

Introducing OSX "Yosemite"! Fantastic new release with a new interface, updates to existing apps and something new "continuity".

10:13 AM

A look into the new design features of OSX. Video is hinting a lot more flat design inspiration. Looks like a lot more focus on animation in this release. Definately inspired by the iOS7 design.

Bye bye bevels, hello transparency.

Faded sidebars... Windows Aero anyone?

"Look at tha trash can. You woudl not believe how much time we spend on that trash can."

10:16 AM

New dark style, makes the notification center look pretty slick.

10:18 AM

Remember the today view from iOS7? Now available on OSX however with greater customisation controls including widgets for quick access to tools such as calculator, even supports 3rd party widgets.

10:19 AM

Big new change to how spotlight works. New design, centered on the screen and much larger result feedback.

Also now searches web content as well as local resources.

Now a demo of the new interface live.... be right back....

10:24 AM

Demo over and some really great changes to spotlight, including recent documents and web integrations.

10:25 AM

Next up iCloud drive, there goes Dropbox! Will sync to mobile devices too.

Mail... have they fixed it yet?

10:26 AM

Mail drop - a new file sharing integration that is designed to automatically handle clients that can't access large attachments.

10:27 AM

Markup is looking pretty cool. Allows direct annotation of images and PDFS. Want to sign your PDF? simply use the trackpad and sign the PDF directly in your email.

10:28 AM

Some interesting updates to Safari, however mostly looking like features taken from Google Chrome. Hey finally WebGL and SPDY. Also support for HTML5 premium video, streaming media securely without plugins; Netflix viewing but with almost double the battery life.

Javascript has been improved too, a lot of words though without any real meaning. Hopefully the demo will show use what this means to developers.

10:35 AM

Let's look at continuity.

Airdrop now works between mobile devices and desktops.

Handoff is a really cool feature. Working ona document on your mac? Want to take it on the move? Simply swipe up on your iPad and the document will be synced and opened to editing on your iPad. This also works in the other direction.

A lot of use of nearby detection. Hotspots are not much easier, simple select the phone in your wifi menu. No need to enter passwords and configure hotspots.

Non iMessage messages are now synced between devices, same for phone calls. Call notification are now integrated into OSX with caller ID and allows you to answer the phone from your Mac. Use your Mac as a remote control for your phone.

Never miss a call again

10:39 AM

Demo time again, sorry folks...

Amusing little fake call with "new apple employee" Dr. Dre to show off the remote phone control.

10:44 AM

Developers have access to the new OSX Yosemite today, everyone else will get it in the fall and it will be FREE.

There will also be a public beta during the summer that anyone can sign up to online.

That's it for OSX, now iOS.

10:49 AM

Starting the iOS section with a severe slagging of Android.

If you didn't get it from the banner photos posted this weekend then I can confirm the release for iOS8.

10:51 AM

Notifications now allow you to interact directly, no need to switch tot he message app to quick reply to a text.

New actions available for notifications from the lock screen too.

Looks like support for 3rd party apps to enable further interactions.

For mail on iOS new task list style features like quick flagging.

New home screen view shows recent people for quick calling and messaging. Wonder if you'll be able to put favorites there?

10:56 AM

New spotlight suggestions in iOS, like OSX, same integration with Safari and suggestions in iOS too.

10:57 AM


So making this sound exciting... is it really?

Now using the auto-correct suggestions to power word suggestions, diret clone of Androids quick type keyboard.

However this is context aware, very cool. The tools will learn how you type and interact with different people to use similar syntax and style. Also really handy for quick replies.

"Want to see a movie or get dinner?"

The keyboard will automatically suggest "a movie" or "dinner".

11:00 AM

New message app updates. Features to kill WhatsApp:

Groups that can add and remove members. Rename threads, move threads, mute threads!

New context information in conversation details, you can now see peoples location if they share. Also can add contacts to conversations or remove them.

"How many times have you been in one of those super chatty conversations"

Do not disturb, really handy feature to ignore thread updates.

There's also a nice way to view all assets involved in the thread from one location.

Also now able to send audio, video and picture messages directly in threads.

Audio and video messages will automatically be removed from your thread view after a view seconds unless you request to keep them.

Audio message integration does look pretty good, with good use of the phones position to control them - raise the phone to reply with another audio message instantly.

11:06 AM

iCloud drive will sync with Windows devices.

Now introducing enterprise.... [/yawn]

11:09 AM

Health Kit a new single place for application to store health data. Allows the Health app to compile a full overview of your currently health and fitness.

New intergations allow greater information sharing, for example automatic notifications for doctors if your blood pressure it a danger.

11:13 AM

Family sharing now allows family members to share purchases for up to 6 devices sharing the same credit card. Childrens devices can now purchase with saftey, they will be prompted to ask for permission and won't be able to complete a purchase until given.

Now photos will available on all devices, rather than the last X. You can now access photos not on your devices from cloud storage.

To aid this, now includes search tools. Allowing search on location, time etc not just titles.

New smart tools for photos including colour correction, cropping and auto straiten.

Another demo... please stand by.

New photos app for Mac coming next year to include extended search, iCloud photo library and smart tools. Replacing iPhoto?

Will be able to access your cloud stored photo library from the web (for windows users).

New plans for iCloud storage to support this, since al photos and videos are available in their original format. I have a feeling I might need the larger storage plan. Of course the 5GB free plan exists like now.

11:21 AM

"Hey Siri"

Interact quickly with Siri by simply talking to it. Great for car hands free. Also integrates shazam and other tools for quickyl recognising music and buying it directly.

Also provides live streaming feedback to see what's being recognised.

11:22 AM

That's it for consumer updates, moving onto developer updates.

"300,000,000 visit the app store every week"

Improvements coming tot he app store, new explore tab to find more apps, Genius?

Trending searches, improved scroll, related searches, new tagging for apps.

New for developers is app bundles. Configure multiple apps for a single purchase at a discounted price.

App previews for allowing developers to provide video previews of the app.

TestFlight now available from today, for free! Beta testing available directly in your account.

11:26 AM

New SDK release..

"This release is the biggest release since the app store"

4000 new developer APIs!!!!!

Starting with extensbility, not apps in the app store wil be able to extend the system and provide functionality to other apps.

Extensions still snadboxed but apps can request access, extensions can now directly project UI into other apps.

Finally 3rd party apps can define widgets for the notification center, really been waiting for this.

Another demo people, hold onto your butts...

Showing photos app, pulling int he waterlogue UI to directly manipulate the photo.

New widget controls for notifaction center looks greatly refined and much easier to access.

Great example of the widgets, eBay widget allows direct access to interactions. Widget display outbid notification and directly from notification center you can post a new bid.

Another example, using Bing translation to translate a page directly, inline.

Welcome to the party, 3rd party keyboards.

11:33 AM

Touch ID... finally access for developers, 3rd party apps can now use Touch ID.

11:34 AM

Camera APIs to allow direct control over exposure and filters etc as well as improved access to the storage.

11:35 AM

Something the rumours have been talking about and I think most people here have been waiting for.

Home Kit

Comon network protocol with secure pairing. Control indicidual devices, group devices too to do instance changes to your house. Works great with Siri.

11:36 AM

Cloud Kit

Free with limits. What is cloud kit?

Write the client side and let cloud kit handle your server side.

1PB assets
10TB database

all free

11:37 AM

Introducing Metal, the new tool for 3D graphics.

OpenGL is too much of an overhead, Metal gives games almost direct access to the A7 hardware.

Support precompiled shaders and efficient multithreading.

Looks like support for Metal coming in Unity soon.

EA showing off frostbite on an iPad.
Crytek getting 4000 raw calls per frame on a mobile devices.

Live demo from the founder of EPIC games, Tim Sweeney!!

Awesome looking graphics in the demo without any lag, great examples of thousands of elements on the screen including interaction. No longer a need for pre-rendered animations.

The Zen garden demo app will be available for free in the app store as soon as iOS8 is released.

11:43 AM

Some intersting new changes to SpriteKit, light sources, field forces, per-pixel physics. All now with SceneKit redesigned to enable casual games to utilise the great toolset.

11:4 AM

XCode changes!

"What would it be like if we had Objective-C without the baggage of C?"

Brand new programming language called Swift.

"And it totally rules"

Swift is almost 100 times faster than Object-C on computations like RC4.

Now support for namespaces, closures, type inference.

Completely native using the same tools as Objective-C, LLVm compile, arc management; Swift can now run side-by-side with Objective-C.

Now a quick demo of Swift and playgrounds?

Playground enables XCode to run your code in real time as you type!

Swift and playground loaded with generics. Looking like rapid development will be really simple and streamlined.

Computing values in loops? Swift will graph results instantly for direct feedback.

Very impressive how quickly this demo app is being constructed and tested.

Because the playground is real-time you can scroll through time, both backward and forwards, to show the results for your code.

Swift will be ready as soon as the OS versions are available. XCode will have full language support and from day 1 of iOS8 and OSX Yosemite release you will be able to submit Swift apps.

iOS 8 available today in beta to devs, available to consumers in fall. Backwards support for devices is yet again huge!

11:55 AM

We seem to be getting towards the wrap up point, quick re-cap of what we've seen happening. One more thing?

Quick bit of back patting for Tim/Apple and a thank you for the Apple employees that made everything possible.

And that's it...

State of the Union coming next.